Tooniehill shelties history

started in 1976 when we bought our first shetland sheepdog,
a sable dog called Golden King.

He was a very intelligent dog and we spent a lot of time in
the obedience ring with him, he also won 1CC.
Already one year later we bought another sable dog,
Sheltiestar's Kestrel, who became Norwegian Champion.

From the first day in the sheltie world we were
involved in Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Klubb and Frode
was elected vice chairman at the board in 1978.
In 1979 he was chairman until 1983.

Ingrid was involved in the trophy committee for some years.

In 1982 we were lucky enough to buy a lovely sable
bitch from England, three years old, Shemaur Angel Eyes.
She later became Norwegian Champion.

She had two litters with us. In her first litter she produced
Ch Tooniehill Active Fighter and in the next litter
she produced Ch Tooniehill Bright Guardian.

In 1988 we imported a tricolour bitch from England,
Shemaur Dawn Chorus.
We wanted to start with
tricolour and blue merle and were looking for the real
good colour to start with, both in tricolour and blue merle.

Dawn had a jet black colour and her father was the nice blue merle
GB Ch Pepperhill Blue Fizz.
We thought we now had a good foundation bitch
to start on colour breeding with.

She produced some exellent good coloured tricolours and blue merles,
and from the first blue litter we got
Ch Tooniehill Funny Face,
who later produced CC-winners in every litter.

In 1991 Ingrid started to do Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Klubbs
club magazine, and was the editor until 2000.
In 1998/1999 she aslo
made web pages for Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Klubb.
In March 2002 she took over as the secretary in NSSK.

In 1998 we bought a tricolour dog puppy from England,
Marnham One and Only
to take a part in our breeding program.

Up to date we have made up 8 champions
and a number of CC-winners.

We have always aimed to breed by the
English standard and we always breed from healthy stock.
We eye test all our litters and keep only free tested bitches
for the next generation.

When we sell puppies we give the puppies their first vaccination,
eye test all of them, micro chip all puppies and get health certificate
for every puppy - we also register all of them
in the Norwegian Kennel Klub.

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