N Uch NV-02 Tooniehill Tender Queen - f. 20.02.98
Eye tested December 2004 - Free for CEA and PRA

Owner: Jill Hestengen and Ingrid Myklebostad

 N Uch Stationhill Speculator (s)
Scylla So Blessed at Felthorn (s)
Stationhill Sweet-N-Special (s)
GB Ch Felthorne Beachcomber (s)
Scylla Star Hazel (s)
GB Ch Dippersmoor Diester (s)
Stationhill Hit-N-Miss (s)
Tooniehill Queen-Like (t)
S Uch Gordon Bell
Sencible Touch (t)
N Uch Tooniehill Funny Face (bm)
S Uch Lundecock's Touch My Soul (t)
S Uch Maribell's Your's Sincerely (t)
Int Nord Uch Eastdale Classic Clown (bm)
Shemaur Dawn Chorus (t)